Washington vs. Boston, 01/10/2019 19:00 EDT, Score: 4 - 2

Money Line: -136 Boston

Sportsbook: Betonline

Result: Loss

I'm playing on BOSTON (8*). As a handicapping tool, 'revenge' can often be over-rated. Hockey teams play a lot of games and they all lose their fair share of them. Each of those losses don't cause teams to "get up" more than normal for a game. That said, some of them do. I believe that this will be one of those cases. When these teams met earlier, the Capitals embarrassed the Bruins by a 7-0 margin, celebrating their Stanley Cup win at the same time. Thats not just any loss, thats a destruction. (Some of you will recall that we won with Washington in that one.) The type that will cause the revenge factor to actually mean something. Of course, having lost 13 straight times to the Caps will also add plenty of motivation for Boston. Off five straight wins, the Bruins are among the hottest teams in the league. They're a dominant 16-5. Expect them to finally beat the Caps.

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