4* Money Maker

4* Money Maker

St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh, 04/01/2019 13:05 EDT, Score: 6 - 5

Money Line: -123 Pittsburgh

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

Taking the PIRATES. So, Cards hurt us yesterday blowing that game. New day though. And for me, off a tough series vs the Brewers, who StL probably views more of a threat, we will take the home team here. Archer was solid down the stretch for Pitt last season. And I cannot take Wainwright even as a dog. Guy put off retirement. Why? Life-time 5.54 ERA in this park. Guy pitched in 8 games last year. Had a 5+ ERA the year in 24 games. We have to go to 2014 when he was really good. At 37, and off another injury, I am not expecting that vintage Wainwright. 4* Money Maker PITT PIRATES

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